I can’t believe I never posted this wedding.  I was so excited to have my brother Matt call and ask if I would shoot his wedding in Chicago!  I have never been there before and the thought of going it alone with no kids was a thrill.  Kind of felt like I was 20 again and I had the whole world at my fingertips.  So as most of you know, I don’t fly.  Ever.  So me and my little bug took a 3 day journey across the US.  No worries, I wasnt completely alone.  My dad insisted on driving with me…just in case :).  Chicago was like nothing I had ever experienced.  I wish I had more days to explore the city, but in the short week I had, I was able to see quite a few things.  I went to the Art Institute of Chicago, and that completely blew my mind.  It really is too hard to express in words what an amazing museum they have.  I went to the Museum of Science and Industry (this is where I started missing the kids, they would have loved this).  Was treated to some serious Chicago pizza, and many other lovely dinners that my brother took me too.  I’m sure it will be awhile before I ever have the chance to go back, but I can’t wait!  I am sure I can dig up some photos of the trip itself but for now I will post some photos of my bro’s wedding.


4 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. This is only a small portion of the extremely beautiful pictures that Brooke took during the 2 day event. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful pictures to remember our daughter and Matt’s wedding. We hope you do get to Chicago again so that we can give you a guided tour of our city – bring your camera. I’m sure you will find many wonderful picture opportunities while here.

  2. I love. Love. LOVE. these pictures, Brooke. Especially the one with the marquee. 🙂
    Okay, with the risk of this being too personal (and none of my business), but as a former airline pilot I am curious why you don’t fly. Like I said, too personal…? If so, just ignore and know that I am (still) blown away by these shots. Bravo!!!

    • Oh no, not too personal at all. To be honest it kind of just crept up on me, every year it got worse and worse. My fear is of crashing. I think what did me in was my last flight (3 years ago) when all my kids were with me, all I could think of was how I would save each one, or comfort them. I understand all the stats etc… that I will more likely die in a car crash, but I just cant shake it. I would do anything to overcome that fear, it sure puts a damper on where I want to go! If you have any suggestions let me know! I am willing to try anything. The fear is unlike anything I have ever felt before, unexplainable.

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