Beginner Photo Workshop March 24th 2013

***Early Bird Registration $150 until February 15 then back to $175***

Okay, you asked for it, and so here we go again with another Beginner Photo Class!  This class is for the gal with the DSLR camera she got for (insert occasion here) but still shoots in point n shoot mode.  My goal is to put you in manual mode and teach you the three basic functions ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  Learning these will help you learn how to use light instead of that dreadful flash and create better photographs!  I will also teach you how to get those great blurry background, creative shots that I love so much.

So class will run from 10am (see I let you sleep in) until 2pm.  The first half of class we will go over our basic functions.  This is all hands on so bring your cameras, your lenses, manuals, battery chargers, etc.  While I am talking, I encourage you to fiddle, take pictures, etc.  We will stop after each section and practice a bit.  After the classroom part we will have lunch set up for you.  And honestly I think this might be one of the favorite parts of class.  My dear friends Karen and Amara prepare the best lunch ever.  I am not kidding, you will want to be all proper and stuff and only take one helping, but your taste buds will be dragging you back for seconds.  After class I have some beautiful little models that show up for us to have a real live photo shoot!  This is for you to practice your settings and for me to come around and help you all!  Depending on the weather we will set up props outside, but if we must remain indoors, the building has lots of windows that provide a lot of beautiful light for us.  After the photo shoot we all come back in for wrap up.  This is for you to ask any questions about anything.  This includes, photoshop (I wont really touch on that much but I can answer basic questions) business, or the basics we just went over.

Class will be held at the adorable Glen Echo Community Center in Everson, Wa.  This is an old schoolhouse and has plenty of charm.  I love it and I know you will too.  Cost will be $150 and that will cover your lunch and materials.  The link to registration is

I will cap the class at 15.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me


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