Photo’s I have never posted…

At the end of the year I go through all my photos, arrange, and put them all in one big file so I can start the new year fresh.  While going through everything, I noticed so many that I never posted!  I had an incredibly busy summer and by the time I was done shooting, editing, facebooking, I just had no energy left to blog them.  So I thought I would put some of my favorites up before they go hidden away in a folder.  I love the light in these photos.  If I could only take photos at this time of day with this light, I would every time.  Another one of my favorite families, just the kids this time though.  Mama’s preggers with twin girlies.  Can’t wait to get my camera on them when they are born!  So enjoy..

“Live in the sunshine.  Swim the sea.  Drink the wild air.”  ~Emerson


Cheerio Baby

I know, soooo very bad at blog posting lately!  My excuse is I have been out the door by 5am and have just been plain tired.  But I am going to try to get a few post on today of the most recent photo.  Here is the adorable Chloe that I have been babysitting.  Fun to have my own little photo prop to play with!  Sadly school is out next Wednesday and that will be the last day I get her.  Enjoy the cuteness!

My fierce little girl..

I really love to play in makeup and do hair, and am so lucky to have my one girl that loves to sit and let me gussy her up.  We were trying a different look for her than usual.  More fierce than angelic.  I have to say, fierce is more her style anyway. 🙂

Love you Maia.


New Product and some more beautiful children…

How cute are these little albums?  They are 3×3 mini accordion albums with photo + design on both sides.  They stay together with a magnet and you can even stick them on the fridge.  I say perfect for momma’s, gramma’s, and well anyone to carry around in their purse to show off to their friends! 

And some more beautiful children with my turquoise background (my fav color).  How absolutely gorgeous are they?

My girl is turing 10, where does the time go?

I can’t believe I have another kid in the double digits.   I still feel like I am 26 years old, not 36!  For her birthday we decided we are going to do a photo shoot birthday party.  How fun will that be!?  A little make up and hair for the girls, some treats, fun music and a photo shoot.  So we were going to head outside for some cool pics ( maybe we still will)  but I had her hair, makeup and clothes done and then it started to pour!  So I just set up a little something in the cold garage.  Not as fun but we want to get some invites made with her photos.  Can’t wait to post pictures of the party next month!


Momma #5

I am up to 10 gals but I am falling behind in the posts.  Really I am just trying to get them all done since the deadline is the next week.  Figure I can update the blog later, but I will try to update it a little.  For the next couple days I will start putting the book together and start a bit of writing.  I think this will be the hardest part for me.  Now that I know I will be submitting it, writing seems to be a bigger challenge.  I have never been a writer.  I know people who when they put words on paper, it just seems to flow and honestly they use words I sometimes don’t even know what they mean.  The last couple days, as I have been hammering out these photos, I have really been trying to think of what I am going to write.  If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, my brain was overflowing with stuff, should have written it all down then.  But now I am over thinking it.  I need to remember I am doing this for me and no one else, that I need to write from my heart.  That’s what people want to hear, not a lot of fluff with some big words that they will have to google to figure out what I am talking about.  Yes, I have done that plenty of times. 

So here is my Momma #5 (hope I am not falling out of sequence here).  Karen, once a ballerina, has three amazing boys.  All of them are very much into the sports scene so I thought it only appropriate that they be at the football field for this one.