Photo’s I have never posted…

At the end of the year I go through all my photos, arrange, and put them all in one big file so I can start the new year fresh.  While going through everything, I noticed so many that I never posted!  I had an incredibly busy summer and by the time I was done shooting, editing, facebooking, I just had no energy left to blog them.  So I thought I would put some of my favorites up before they go hidden away in a folder.  I love the light in these photos.  If I could only take photos at this time of day with this light, I would every time.  Another one of my favorite families, just the kids this time though.  Mama’s preggers with twin girlies.  Can’t wait to get my camera on them when they are born!  So enjoy..

“Live in the sunshine.  Swim the sea.  Drink the wild air.”  ~Emerson


3 thoughts on “Photo’s I have never posted…

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Emerson quote at the end of the blog. I may borrow that someday. 🙂 And by the way, the light in these photos is amazing. Makes me want to get outside right now and make some magic with the camer. Have a fabulous new year and continue shooting – the results are always amazing!

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